Created By: Dr. Ryan Kelly
Piano Professor
Learn to Play Gospel Songs in Just a Few Minutes!
Where Should I Send Your Free Lesson And Copy Of "Amazing Grace!"

What Others Are Saying About Gospel on the Go....

Wendy Laterza

My husband came home from work and saw me playing.   He said “are you playing the Piano? This day is full of surprises. You see, in 40 years of marriage I have never played the piano, never. Now I play every day:)

Janet Williams

I have always wanted to just sit down at the piano and play. I can now just sit at the piano and play songs with no music. I am SOOOOOOO excited!   

Kay Warren

This is the best investment toward learning to play the piano I have ever made. I wish I had this 50 years ago.

Matt Dillard

This method of teaching is exactly what I needed to learn the piano in a way that worked for me. My wife and kids and my brothers are ALL amazed at how well I can play. 

Danee Davis

My 11 year old son who has never had a piano lesson in his life is planning on performing for a fireside this week. Thank you so much for bringing all this music into our home!

Bob Meek

I took three years of piano as a small kid and as a 50+yr old adult have absolutely zero piano talent.If I can do this, anybody can. Amazing program. - Bob Meek.

Janae Osbourne

I honestly didn’t think it was possible for me to learn the piano, especially right now with three small children, but your program is working!!

 I only have 5 minutes here and 2 minutes there, but I’m progressing and it is blowing my mind! 

Samantha Albach

Thank you so much! As a mom of 5 young kids on a limited budget, I couldn't justify piano lessons. You have given me the gift of being able to do what I have wanted for so long. 

I have already started learning and cannot wait to learn the rest! This program is so awesome!